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“This is both a ground-breaking and important document for our community and country. Congrats to all who contributed to its being"


“I think this is absolutely brilliant, and exactly what our LGBT+ community and the whole of Scotland needs!”


"This is needed now, more than ever. Thank you for bringing us together. Xx”


“What a great project. Thank you so much for all the work that you've put in, even whilst the world falls apart around us!”


“This is a really exciting new publication. The LGBT+ community deserve creative spaces such as this for free expression of their identity, and all the facets of LGBT+ life. Thank you - Kath and Thomas, for this. Exciting times...”


“Each issue has been a joy to behold to be honest. The production values are incredibly high. You've done yourselves proud!” 


“My beautiful magazine arrived this morning and what a treat 😊 So many excellent collaborations and an enormous amount of networking to fill the gorgeous pages with fabulous queer content and contentment. I love it. My regards and thanks to everyone at Somewhere towers calling out from the rooftops xx” 


Thank you for providing a resource in Scotland.”


“What a refreshing addition to the LGBT media scene - great job! X” 


“Love the mag, it looks stunning and a wide variety of content. My favourite was the race through Scotland’s LGBT history… but then I’m old enough to have grown up in the Scotland where homosexuality was illegal. Good luck and look forward to the next issues. “


“Magazine arrived!! It’s so gorgeous my Dad was drawn to read it which is a massive step in lots of ways... thank you!” 


“A fantastic reminder and fitting celebration of our amazing and diverse community. Much love, appreciation and gratitude to all.” 


“I have to say, the quality of the publication from physical design, paper used and quality of content. Superb. Looking forward to reading more and learning more in coming months.”


“Big congratulations and my warmest wishes - From a Greek National and a member of the LGBTQ+ community who has been based in Scotland for almost a decade now. I'd love to follow, support and be part of your work and projects! Best of Luck!”


“Really excited to get this, appreciate the work you guys do so much 🏳️‍🌈”


“Thanks for creating this, I'm getting it for my trans child. We're in London but maybe we'll visit one day!”


“We’re new to Scotland and you’ve already helped to make us feel welcome! :)”


“Thanks for your important work, v happy to support!”


“What a brilliant idea - long overdue. Good luck!”


“Fantastic work! Can’t wait to read the latest issue!”


“I'm so happy to find you! I wish you all the best!”


“Great work folks for making this a reality ❤️”


“Fab initiative supporting the LGBTQ+ community🏳️‍🌈”


“So excited to hear more LGBTQ+ Scottish voices, continue learning and support our beautiful queer community 🏳️‍🌈❤️”


“I am delighted to become a member! I was overjoyed when I saw your brilliant Minnie the Minx cover!”


“Looking forward to seeing how this grows and develops.”


“I am in awe and feel so lucky to be part of such a creative and inspiring community of people. i can’t wait to receive a copy and see everyone’s amazing talented work!!!”


“Looking forward to seeing the magazine - frequently visit Edinburgh (in normal times!) to see my daughter and grandchildren.”

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